Home Deep Cleaning Services

Home Deep Cleaning Services

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Home Deep Cleaning Service
Have you ever wondered how huge bungalows and fancy hotels are constantly so clean? There are hundreds of individuals that use that area, and however, everything is flawless and well retained. The secret is that they have trained cleaners who watch for everything. When you hire a professional home cleaning service in A3 Care Deep Cleaning in Pune & Housekeeping Service, you can obtain similar results for your house. Our cleaners will enable you to modify your home and vacate it looking and feeling as neat as new.

In house Team
A3 Care Deep Cleaning & Housekeeping Service cleaners in Pimpri-Chinchwad are not only ordinary cleaners, but they have also been qualified and are familiar with cleaning. This movement and creativity are employed with several materials and grounds correctly. You can’t similarly clean tiles and marbles, and you can’t precisely clear wood tiles, and so on. Our experts are equipped in an adequate way to carefully clean every surface so that it is vacated clean and without any harm. At A3, we don’t use traditional cleaning equipment; we possess distinctive high-grade equipment and chemicals. These chemicals aren't ready for everyone and are used solely by experienced professionals.

Apart from the proficiency, they have thorough training, and they have formulated a smooth and effective cleaning process from their experience. This procedure enables them to be neat with each nook and cranny without missing any spots in your home. They understand how to clean, dust, polish, wash, and extra without damaging or demolishing things in your home.

Who can take the benefits of our house cleaning services?
House cleaning is not just for landlords or homeowners. It is furthermore for tenants. No matter who occupies the house, a neat place is always valuable. You don’t need to postpone a particular occasion , you could get your house clean at any moment at considerably fair prices only from A3 Care Deep Cleaning & Housekeeping Service.

If you're looking for rapid and cost-effective house cleaning services, A3 is unmatched. We clean effectively within a set duration frame with the least human resources and mechanized most high-tech equipment. Our cleaning professionals will not stop your daily exercise and conduct service successfully. Our cleaners endure an all-out training module after enrolling with us, along with adequate background confirmation. They are taught modern, metropolitan living, and different space layouts.

Our home cleaning services include:
Floor enhancement
Deep cleaning
Enhancement and Upholstery cleaning
Furniture Enhancement
Paint Treatment
Fabric Protection Treatment
Customized services on request Customized services on demand.

Why are we the best?
A3 Care Deep Cleaning & Housekeeping Services clean your entire house. We give clever and budget-friendly ideas. Our home makeover service is an excellent way to repurpose your exotic or undesirable spaces. As a skilled home service provider, we would hear your prerequisites patiently, have a clue about your budget, assess the room proportion, and recommend accordingly. We are capable of furnishing you with the best.

We are well known for several space enhancement services, enforced with extensive skill and responsibility using eco-friendly cleaning agents and new techniques. We strive to accomplish chores perfectly and carry immense pride in them. If you haven’t used our cleaning assistance, get in touch today. Let us guide you and take care of your house like our own. Enjoy a healthy, disinfected, clean, and sanitized compartment from corner to corner!

Service Includes:-
1. Cleaning of floor area manually by using floor cleaner chemicals.
2. Removal of Cobwebs.
3. Cleaning of Fans, Tubes, Switchboard, Bulbs, Door, Handles, Sledges & Skirting.
4. Wipe and disinfect appliances externally.
5. Cleaning and disinfection of washrooms.
6. Cleaning of accessible surfaces with the correct biodegradable chemicals.
7. Vacuuming of Sofa, Chair & Mattresses.
8. Cleaning of Balcony Area.
9. Cleaning of Hard water (Yellow/White) Stains.
10. Cleaning & Polishing of the Rusty Taps.
11. Cleaning of oil Stains in Kitchen, Trolleys & on Chimney Externally with Eco-Friendly Material.
12. Cleaning of Kitchen Externally.

Tool and Equipments Used.
Tools and Equipment used for Deep Cleaning are as Mentioned Below:
1. Single Disc Scrubbing Machine.
2. Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner.
3. Color Coded Microfiber Dusters.
4. Diversely Chemicals Such as R2, R3, R4, R5, R6 Etc.
5. Washroom Cleaning Caddy.
6. Window Cleaning Kit.
7. Mops, wiper, Scotch Barite/Foam or Scrubbers.
8. Bucket/ Mugs and General Cleaning Material.

Team Size:-
1. Team Size depends upon the cleaning requirement and varies from 3 manpower for 2 BHK deep cleaning , 4 manpower for 3 BHK deep cleaning and 5 manpower for 4 BHK deep cleaning
2. Villa, Bungalow cleaning entirely depends upon the area and scope of cleaning

Time Duration:-
1 BHK 3- 4 hrs
2 BHK 4 to 5 hrs
3 BHK 6 to 7 hrs

1. Extra charges are applicable for Sofa Shampoo and wet wall-washing.
2. Extra charges are applicable for Sofa Shampoo. (Sofa Shampoo - Rs.199/per-Seat)
3. Extra charges are applicable for Mattress Shampoo (Rs.499/single-bed, Rs.799/double bed)
4. Customer need to empty the shelves of Kitchen prior to start of work & arrange the material in shelves post cleaning.
5. Wet Wall-washing is not included.
6. Hard stains will not removed immediately, periodic cleaning require.
7. Payment Mode: Cash and UPI Apps (For Domestic Housekeeping).
8. Ladder and water & electricity need to be arranged by the client. In case of unavailability of ladder it should be informed during the time of booking.


1.How often be deep Cleaning of the house be scheduled?

For a healthy lifestyle and maintain hygiene, we recommend deep cleaning your apartment at least once in 4 months.

2.How long does it take to deep cleaning of the house?

The deep cleaning of the house depends on the area and the amount of dirt. For a 2 BHK apartment, it could take up to 6-8 hours.

3.What kind of chemicals and equipment is used for deep cleaning of homes?

We use the best cleaning material and supplies from the leading companies and brands. Our products are organic and environmentally safe that is harmless even for children.

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