Sofa & Carpet Cleaning Services

Sofa & Carpet Cleaning Services

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Why Should You Hire Professional Sofa and Carpet Cleaners?
Dust and dirt are varied elements that expand to the sofa damage. Ordinarily, this damage will invite you to fix your sofa in a shorter interval. Rather than buying, a new sofa, efficient maintenance can be a super treatment.

Experienced sofa and carpet purifiers use the appropriate mythical substances to remove the pigments and dust, and each help can bestow a new glimpse on your sofa. Along these lines, why not look for an expert like A3 Sofa and Carpet Cleaning services provider in Pune to increase your sofa's life.

A3 uses the best strategies and cleaners: Being experienced dry cleaners, we know about the type of chemicals to be utilized, relying on the sensitivity of the equipment of the sofa and covering where non-professional usually fails.

If you're an enthusiast of textures and materials like silk in sofa and cover but terrified to buy, believing about the supervision, accordingly, at that juncture, don't stress A3 looks well after of all your wishes the way they must be taken in the maintenance.

A3 Sofa & Carpet Cleaning Services achieves Proper Drying
Usage of unnecessary water can infiltrate and harm the base of your Sofa/Carpet, which is a substantial explanation for harm to the upholstery in most cases. While us being, professionals are incredibly aware of the quantity of water to be used and the vastly standard approaches to warm the sofa and carpet. Accordingly, it is better to spend time drying the upholstery yourself, and rather than getting it damaged, it is advisable to take off for A3 skilled sofa and carpet cleaners.

Making sure of no allergens
Even with the ordinarypractice of vacuum cleaners, pollen and dust can be clasped on your sofa. These are boosters of allergy-inflicting dust mites and may give rise to sensitivity. So, if you wish to get your house free of allergens, an experienced sofa/ carpet cleaning assistance is the solution.

As you presently understand that it is so essential to hire experienced carpet and sofa cleaners, you may instantly get these services from A3 Sofa & Carpet Cleaning Services.

Sofa and Carpet Cleaning services provider Pune in Pimpri Chinchwad propose experienced sofa tidying services to soak your sofa with unique tools and strategies thoroughly. Being sure of the fabric used in making your sofas, we will decide on cleaning partners that are reliable and beneficial in eliminating pigments and provoking the shine and elegance of your sofa.

Service Includes:-
1. Dry Vacuuming of sofa to remove dust.
2. Ecofriendly Fabric Shampoo treatment to sofa.
3. Use suede brush to remove surface dirt, dust & Remove the spots.
4. Brushing of carpet with special brushes & LS430- Disk machines.
5. Drying the sofa using High suction Vacuum cleaner.
6. We use German Brands only which leave rich fragrance after shampooing. Remove Oil stains on carpet.
7. We perform foam & an extraction treatment to shampoo the carpet by High Suction Vacuum Machines & leaving it clean and soft once completed.
8. For sofas & chairs that are upholstered with leather, we perform a treatment using leather cleaning cream.
9. Remove the Oil stains on sofa/carpet.

Tool and Equipments Used.
Tools and Equipment used for Deep Cleaning are as Mentioned Below:
1. TR 101 (Sofa / Carpet Shampoo)
2. Multipurpose Stain removal kit
3. Wet & Dry vacuum machine.
4. Single disc Machine with soft brush.
5. Upholstery Shampooing Machine.
6. Hand Brushes.
7. Sponge and hard scrubbers.
8. Foam Scrubbers.
9. Buckets / Mugs etc.

1. Payment Mode: Cash & UPI Apps Only for Domestic Housekeeping Services.
2. Customer needs to provide water, electricity.
3. 15-20 Hrs. requires to dry completely after shampooing.(Do not use till completely dry)
4. Hard stains will not removed immediately, periodic cleaning require


1.How long does it take to deep clean a carpet?

It takes about 2-4 hours for the carpet to be cleaned deeply. A lot depends on the size and condition of the carpet.

2.How long does it take for a carpet to dry completely?

It usually takes 3-5 hours to dry the carpet. It might take a longer time in case of humid weather. However, with our unique water extraction process, it takes less time for the carpet to dry.

3.How often should you clean the Carpet?

The frequency depends on the number of visitors or traffics your Carpet has. The more the number of visitors the higher is the frequency of cleaning it. Ideally, it should be cleaned at least once in 12 months. Carpets in the living room and Children’s room get dirtier as they accumulate an enormous amount of dirt, unwanted invaders (insects, germs). That is why we recommend cleaning them in 6-8 months.

4.Is there a procedure followed before cleaning the carpet?

Yes, we usually ask you to remove all the items that might be placed on the Carpet like books, shelves, toys, rugs, tables, etc. This makes the cleaning process easy. Also, you need to ensure there are no breakable items kept on the carpet so there is no damage during cleaning.